Swadeshi Blessings Vermicompost Enriched With Neem Leaves & Cow Urine For Home Garden & Potting Mix (5Kg)

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    Be Responsible & Save Mother Nature!!

    ✅ Enriches soil with beneficial microorganisms & Plant Nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium Organically.
    ✅ Presence of Neem Extracts provides enhanced immunity against Plant Stress & Diseases.
    ✅ Gets Easily Absorbed by plant roots since it is 100% natural & organic. ( Only 20-30% of DAP dosage gets absorbed, rest remains in the soil which degrades the PH level of soil & even makes it HARD.)
    ✅ Improves Soil Aeration & Water Holding capacity. In worm castings, the Microbial Activity is 10 to 20 times higher than in the soil and organic matter that the worm ingests.
    ✅ Every 2 Weeks apply Vermicompost to plant & cherish as you see them grow.
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