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Re-Introduction to Vedic Style of Cooking

Vedic Cooking is more focused on retaining the health benefits of the food as compared to Modern Style that is more confined to taste buds.
In order to help community by providing the means to retain food nutrients, have made us launch complete range of Terracotta/Earthen CookWare.

Health Benefits of Using Clay Pots:

  • Clay is somewhat porous therefore heat and moisture circulate through the pot unlike metal & enamel pots.
  • Clay is Alkaline in nature, hence it interacts with the acidity in the food and neutralize the pH balance. Thereby reducing the common stomach problems, that even youngsters in the grab of due to excessive consumption of Fast Foods.
  • Clay pots add many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and sulphur to food.
  • Clay contains all the possible vitamins, even vitamin B12.
  • The food cooked in Clay pots is much tastier.

Cooking in the Jagannath Temple in Puri & Many Other Temples:

Lord Jagannath’s kitchen is considered to be the largest kitchen in the world. All the cooking pots in the Jagannath temple in Puri are made of clay and are used only one time in cooking.

The Jagannath Mandir uses the services of around three hundred full-time potters to supply the cooking vessels for the Lord of the Universe.

Only red colored pots are used, and once a clay pot has been put on the fire it cannot be reused. New cooking pots are called kuduas. Their thick walls retain heat very well. After cooking and offering, the prasada stays warm for four to five hours.


clay pot for cooking

Featured on Shark Tank India

We are pleased to announce that we were featured in Shark Tank India Season 2 and bagged a Deal with the Sharks.

Thank You All for being here on our journey. We are Humbled & Grateful to You all Always 🙏🏻.

When You Support Small Businesses You are supporting a Dream❤️.




Welcome To the Green Team!!

We at Swadeshi Blessings are committed to Save Mother Nature, so let us celebrate this year’s Navaratri & Ganesh Chaturthi by welcoming our home with a Murti of Eco-Friendly Durga Maa & Tulsi Ganesha made of River Clay. In India, 90% of the festivals are not environment-friendly which results in huge toxic wastes every year. Tulsi Ganesha is a small step towards our ECO-FRIENDLY FESTIVE CAMPAIGN.

100% Environmental Friendly: Eco-Friendly Durga Maa & Tulsi Ganesha is locally handcrafted using clay/terracotta from the river beds without the use of any harmful toxins.

Perfect for Home Visarjan: Since Eco-Friendly Durga Maa & Tulsi Ganesha is made completely of Clay, it dissolves completely in water within a few hours.

Grow Tulsi After the Visarjan: Tulsi Ganesha Kit includes Vermicompost & Tulsi Seeds, which can be used easily to plant Tulsi at home after the Visarjan.

Only Water Colors Used: Eco-Friendly Durga Maa & Tulsi Ganesha is handpainted with only watercolors that are eco-friendly and dissolve along with the idol during Visarjan.

No Diamonds & Yellow/Golden Color used: Diamonds usually chokes the small aquatic animals like fishes, therefore Swadeshi Blessings highly condemn its usage on idols. Eco-Friendly Durga Maa & Tulsi Ganesha is also free of any yellow/golden color since it takes way too long to decompose.

Eco-Friendly Durga Maa is available in 9 Inches size.
Tulsi Ganesha is available in 5 Inches, 8Inches & 11 Inches Sizes.


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Swadeshi Blessings Durga Maa

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The Swadeshi Blessings™️ Story

The founders of Swadeshi Blessings™️ vowed to make a difference to the lives of thousands of local craftspeople & artisans thereby creating a global marketplace for them.

With every purchase you make through ‘Swadeshi Blessings™️’ you contribute to the development and promotion of rich heritage of our country.

I recently switched from non- stick to clay pots and Swadeshi Blessings made that decision seamless! I purchased several pots and kadais in various sizes all of them were of top quality. Arrived in excellent condition all the way from India to the US. Commendable customer service 24/7. Highly recommend their products. A few do’s and don’ts below from my experience:

1. Please follow the initial seasoning process thoroughly to avoid any pot/ heart breaks! You can reach out to the team and they’ll share a video that’ll guide you through the process.

2. Black Pots performs better for curd setting.

3. NEVER cook on high flame or deep fry stuff in these pots. It leaves cracks at the bottom but did not affect its functionality. Can be filled with Fuller’s Earth.

4. Dry them fully before storing in an open cabinet/space.

Jessica /

I have always cooked in Mexican cazuelas. However, recent concerns that lead-based glaze may be problematic compelled me to search for an alternative. I am impressed with the solid, glaze-free clay cooking pot received from Swadeshi Blessings, which arrived in perfect condition due to packaging. Because of the solid construction and secure lid, this pot has exceeded my expectations when cooking and serving. Pricey compared to Mexican cazuelas, but so much more satisfying.

Carlos /

The quality of the product is just great. I found the instructions for first users of clay pot quite useful. As a goodie also got a packet of clay ash for treatment. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Also something personally important to me – that the money goes to the real people and families in villages in Bharata who are still keeping alive this art of clay pots which are the best utensils for cooking per Ayurveda as it preservers maximum nutrients and at the same time adds micronutrients to your food.

I find this far more useful than just giving money to some non transparent organizations that claim to help poor in such countries. You can make a change by directly supporting their livelihood and at the same improving your own health.

Rishab /

Items arrived in great shape very quickly and are perfect! It was a pleasant experience buying the clay pots. Excellent Customer Service.
The seller answered all my questions and helped me. We were looking forward to buying more stuff.

GK /

I love it! Very well made! I enjoy cooking with my favorite healthy foods. I hope this will last me a long time with me taking good care of it! Thank you for being an absolute eco-friendly!

Asuncion /

So far so good. The item was delivered intact with proper packaging and no damage. After leaving it in water for couple of day and seasoning with coconut oil, I could literally smell the fresh earthiness of the clay. I’ve been cooking stews and bone broth in this pot and I can tell you that the aroma is absolutely amazing. The only difference with a metal pot wrt cooking is that it takes just a bit longer for clay pot to boil the water but it’s worth it.

It’s very light too which really surprised me and easy to handle and lift. The pot is made by an experienced potter which is obvious by the build of the pot. The lid sits seamlessly on top and completely traps the heat inside

Farrokh /