Swadeshi Blessings Antique Hand Painted Embossed Clay Serving Bowl Set-2/Terracotta Bowls/Earthen Snack Bowl/Mezze Serving Bowl Set/Mud Bowls/Tapas Bowl,5 Inch

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Swadeshi Blessings brings to you an Exclusive Indian Traditional Earthen TableWare Range that will surely help you create a ‘WOW’ factor experience in front of your guests. It is beautifully handcrafted by the abled craftsman of Rajasthan, India.

✅ Stone Polished to impart that mirror finish and natural firing effect to the product.
✅ Flat 50% Off Store Wide
✅ FREE Shipping On All Orders above ₹500.
✅ 100% Organic & Eco-Friendly. Zero usage of chemical paints.
✅ Durable & Long Lasting.
✅ Perfect Gifting Material.

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